Our wine producer: Les Caves du Père Manu

Le Père Manu is a wine producer in Beaujolais. He delivers the campsite regularly but we had never been to his place…

When we returned from our family vacation in a campervan, we went to visit him. So the cellar is located 10 km west of Villefranche-sur-Saône, in Denicé. This region is absolutely magnificent and especially in the fall when the vines blush.

We were welcomed by Manu and his wife Marie-Claire in their 12th century house. And it was around a cup of tea that Manu told us the story of the vineyard. His vines have been in his family for four generations. And since then they have chosen oaths and worked the earth with passion and love.Then we had the chance to visit the press mixture between traditional object and modern techniques. Then the barrels in which the produced wines are preserved will soon be on our table.

Chardonnay, Terre d’Argile and Terre d’Hercyne are Father Manu’s delights. You will have the pleasure of finding these family productions at the restaurant and the bar of the camping!