During the last week of June, our new canvas chalets, the Woody Premiums were available. We really wanted to spend a night in these unique accommodations, so we packed our things and headed off for the lake!

We made ourselves at home, and even invited Nicole for an aperitif … On the funky WEBER barbecue, Raphael prepared a rib of beef from the local butchers. Les Eleveurs du Pays d’Auge, we will speak about them again later…

We took the time to play a game of 7 families, read. And we even tried out the hammocks from the lodge tents next door (wich of course were free)…

The night in this luxury accommodation, yes, it can be said, was excellent for everyone. Fab bedding, Simon slept in the cabin bed, he loved it … And Eva settled in with us. 3 in the big bed? It’s very comfortable !

So as a result, in the morning when it was necessary to return to normal life…

well,  it felt like the holidays had been far too short!


In the Woody Premium Canvas Chalets:

What we liked:

  • the space.

  • the shower-room.

  • the comfort

What we missed :

  • The view of the lake, the small hedge had become too big,but we have now cleaned it up …

  • A decent knife and this is also sorted!

And finally, we will equip the canvas Lodge Woodys with hammocks. Because it is too pleasant to rest in the hammock and enjoy the sounds of nature … Or of your children playing!

I Book !