Deauville: discovering the Queen of Beaches

2024-06-22T14:46:42+00:0016 Jun, 2024|Events, News, Our Favourite interrests|

Deauville, located on the Normandy coast, offers visitors a perfect blend of period charm and modernity. Its rich history dates back to the 19th century, when the resort was created to accommodate the aristocracy and high society. Today, Deauville continues to seduce with its elegant architecture and picturesque landscapes. [...]

Trouville-sur-Mer: discovering an authentic seaside destination

2024-06-14T15:47:54+00:0014 Jun, 2024|Events, News, Our Favourite interrests|

Trouville-sur-Mer, a pearl of the Côte Fleurie, is a seaside destination full of history and charm. Founded in the 19th century, the city flourished thanks to the enthusiasm of Parisians for sea baths. Today, it is famous for its beautiful beaches, picturesque architecture and lively atmosphere. [...]

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