Brev’maculture is the way of life at Le Brévedent
“L’art de vivre!”

Ecotourism is becoming a must in our beautiful world… Sustainable tourism focused on discovering nature while respecting the environment and local culture, this is our proposal! Each of the projects carried out at Le Brévedent is designed to have the least impact on our environment and thus to welcome you in the most beautiful setting!


Permanent farming at nature’s pace.
Preserve biodiversity and understand the virtues of the nature that surrounds us.
Become a camper-picker! The vegetable gardens are accessible to all.
The rules of permaculture: always leave 1/3 of the plant. Using or sharing what you pick is the beginning of change, a new collaborative consumption!

Ecology at Le Brévedent

It’s not because it’s trendy!
There can be up to 130 families living together at the Le Brévedent campsite at once. We genuinely believe that we have to reduce our environmental impact.
And here’s how it starts…

  • 100% renewable electricity produced in France
  • Energy-efficient consumption
  • Organic and local products, in all our services
  • A zero waste approach
  • The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Permaculture, the Brév’maculture
  • Minimised lighting for the protection of nocturnal animals and the starry sky
  • Recycling of reusable objects and materials
  • Taking action for biodiversity
  • Ecological awareness to encourage action
  • The proposal of electric bikes
  • The presence of hives to promote natural pollination
  • An assured selective waste sorting and recycling

Living together

Living well with your neighbours means you’ll enjoy your stay.
Camper-pickers can share their harvest, good deals or just a bottle of cider with their neighbours.
There’s also a rideshare board next to reception. Do you have two spare seats for a trip to Honfleur market? Let us know!
Le Brévedent is a family affair. 4 generations have had the pleasure of developing and sharing Brév’maculture. You’ll probably come across the 5th generation enjoying an ice cream!

Music and Art at Le Brévedent

  • Firstly a unique and inspiring place
  • Family portraits in the Salon du Manoir
  • A family of musicians
  • Guest musicians
  • Acoustic concerts at the café ” every Tuesday and Friday (in July and August)
  • Bands of music formed on site
  • Sharing
  • Moments of joy
  • Children rehearsing all year round to play on stage
  • Seasonal musicians
  • An artistic mini golf
  • Sculptures by local artists in the garden
  • Exhibitions of photography/painting
  • A music festival to close the season

Slow tourism

For us it means taking the time to:

  • Welcome you
  • Let you discover our history, our region
  • Discuss our passions over a fresh vegetable salad
  • Taking care of our family to take care of yours
  • To get to know you
  • Offer you a self-service vegetable garden
  • Make “Homemade” dishwashing cakes available
  • Offer unlimited Wi-Fi but in a limited space to allow you to enjoy your holidays in complete freedom
  • Take your kids to the chicken coop for fresh eggs
  • Build or strengthen a relationship of trust with each team member
  • Offer you a reasoned consumption

Slow tourism

For you it means taking the time to:

  • Discover a destination
  • Familiarise yourself with the location
  • Get away from your mobile phone ;)
  • Exchange with your neighbours
  • Share a moment around a board game
  • Give your children some freedom
  • Reading, taking a nap or enjoying the beauty of the landscape
  • Meeting us
  • Pick a courgette for lunch
  • Plan out the next day while your children watch the rabbits in front of the reception
  • Getting to know the family by listening to the history of the place by Raphaël’s mother
  • Sharing a moment of music with simplicity
  • Consume otherwise
  • Try the zero waste approach
  • Simply take the time…

Our news

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We are happy to share our current projects with you! Each project developed at Le Brévedent is designed to improve our commitment to sustainable development. [...]