The Jardins du Tormellier

On Sunday, Fred (the Chef) and I (Jess) visited the “Jardins du Tormellier”. We were welcomed by Marine and Morgane, organic vegetable producers in Saint Pierre de Cormeilles (27260)… A very nice professional visit!
Courgette flowers at the Jardins du Tormellier near Castel Camping Le Brévedent in Normandy

The “Jardins du Tormellier” is 11 hectares of green land in the heart of Normandy, on which Morgane and Marine settled, to grow organic vegetables.

On their land, there is an old orchard that produces apples and pears, two young low stem, and high stem, orchards which the girls planted. An incredible greenhouse in which tomatoes, mangetout beans, green beans, courgettes, turnips, beetroot and aromatic plants grow (and I certainly forget some… ), and outside, five gardens with rows of salads, spinach, leeks, cabbages, etc. All planted with their little hands, of course ;)!

The girls will deliver us twice a week, to the grocery store, and to the restaurant, and we are very happy!!

Offering organic, seasonal and local vegetables….. In fact, it’s not so simple, because on May 18th, for the opening of the restaurant, we won’t yet have an incredible choice, but Fred’s desire and inventiveness will still allow us to offer you new dishes and new flavours!

This year, the tomatoes will only arrive in July on the menu of the “Trois Sybilles”, but everything is fine, cold courgette soup will satisfy your vegetable cravings ;)

And, you will also find the fruit and vegetables of the “Jardins du Tormellier” at the shop… Next to the bulk section!!

biologische groenten en fruit op de camping te koop in de winkel en voor gebruik in het restaurant

The “Jardins du Tormellier” can be found here: