At the Brévedent, the team grows to the rhythm of the season to offer you the best service!

Offering products for the whole family while respecting our ethics is a challenge every day!

The continuous collaboration with our local partners allows us to meet this challenge: to offer you quality products, from an eco-responsible production in all our services.


The reception will be the first and last place on the campsite you will visit, and you will always feel welcome there!
The team is delighted to welcome you to Le Brévedent and to accompany you to your location. Each receptionist will inform you during your stay and advise you on visits or excursions to take in Normandy.
At the reception you can:

  • Order bread and pastries for the next morning.

  • Book a table for the restaurant.

  • Buy tokens for the washing machines and the dryers.

  • Borrow an iron.

  • Rent the canoes for a little trip on the lake.

  • Rent clubs for a game of mini-golf.

  • Rent a bike for a family outing.

  • Borrow badminton and ping-pong rackets or a set of boules.

  • Exchange or borrow books.


The grocery store is evolving to adapt to our new ways of consumption. We are delighted to offer you bulk products, as well as a wide selection of organic and local products. Organic fruit and vegetables are on offer but also local ciders and juices provided by Les Bruyères Carré and La Ribaude, the famous Pont-l’Evêque cheese from our neighbours Françoise and Jérôme Spruytte and not forgetting the apple jelly and compote made in Le Brévedent.  We are proud to offer Sodibulles products, such as organic Meuh Cola, Meuh Rosaline or ginger limeuhnade produced in Normandy.
Every morning, the baker delivers his baguettes and hot pastries to the grocery store. You will be asked to place your order the day before during reception opening hours.

We invite you to participate:

  • Order bread and pastries for the next morning.

  • Bring your reusable packaging or jars for bulk products.

  • Bring your gourd or bottle for bulk mineral water

The shop.
The restaurant.


Jess and Robine are happy to offer tasty and colourful dishes cooked with good seasonal products. We are proud to announce that 90% of the restaurant’s products are organic and/ or local!
In addition to the suggestion of the day, you will find “à la carte” local specialty, chicken “Vallée d’Auge”, dishes adapted to children, vegetarian suggestions, several burgers, from classic to original, bowls, pizzas, a choice of delicious desserts and a wide selection of farm-made ice cream … Something for the whole family!
All dishes, as well as all sauces are “Homemade”.
Besides this menu adapted to all, the playground of the restaurant will allow everyone to spend a pleasant moment.

  • Artistic wink: Exposed on the walls of the restaurant, many photos by Marc Verrier, taken during the many editions of the Festival “Rêve en Rythme” organised at the end of the season.


The inevitable place of the campsite! You will find free wifi if you have not decided to disconnect completely.

Located in front of the manor, it is the meeting point for the animations. Open from noon, the café offers small meals, such as croque monsieur, Italian or Norman tartines, several salads and snacks, cooked on site with good local products and organic vegetables. As for drinks, non-alcoholic specialities such as the famous Meuh Cola or the Sagesse beer from Le Breuil en Auge (5km). The sunny terrace offers relaxation and conviviality. 

  • Artistic wink: the café hosts, every year, an exhibition of a local artist.

  • Wifi access.

The terrace of the café.
The living room of the manor.


Warm and relaxed, the bar is the ideal place to taste the local speciality, Calvados!  The bar located in the Manor is open two nights a week for unique moments such as the board game evening, or Madame Bony’s Talk which traces the history of the campsite.

Artistic wink: In the lounge, located right next to the bar, there is a grand piano in free access for musicians who wish to use it.

  • Wifi access.

  • Artistic wink: In the lounge, located right next to the bar, there is a grand piano in free access for musicians who wish to use it.