When it rains!

Despite Normandy’s reputation, it doesn’t happen that often … When it does rain, you have the choice to do nothing, to read a good book listening to the sounds of nature around you or to take advantage of it to go on an indoor visit. Normandy is rich, and everyone will find their happiness.

Wellness areas

The wellness areas are made for rainy days, so you can go to the Thalasso of Cabourg for an hour or a day (more information) or to the Spa de l’Evêché in Lisieux (more information). At the reception, the team is available to make an appointment and guide you in your care choices.

A day in Honfleur

We invite you to visit Honfleur, which will be a little less crowded on rainy days and which will allow you to get lost in the cobbled streets, stroll around the old pool, and visit the cultural curiosities:

The Musée Eugène Boudin, about the meeting of the impressionists dedicated to Eugène Boudin who loved to paint the skies and the changing lights on the sea. The Maison Satie in which the unusual artist, composer, poet and musician was born. An exceptional visit for all ages! More information

The naturospace, a 28° heated greenhouse that houses butterflies and birds in freedom is a must for families! More information

Calvados Père Magloire l’Expérience

In Pont-l’Evêque, Calvados Père Magloire l’Expérience is a unique museum that allows you discover the legends surrounding Calvados through a multisensory immersion. A visit perfect for all ages!

Paléospace at Villers sur mer

Paléospace: an interactive tour to imagine the world 160 million years ago, in the era of dinosaurs. Exhibitions in several rooms about different universes, planetarium, workshops, etc. Paléospace is located in Villers sur mer, a small and very pleasant family seaside resort that is worth a visit!

Caen art museum

The Musée des beaux arts de Caen is located within the walls of the ducal castle. Rich in remarkable old paintings, the museum is also open to contemporary creations.

Basilica of Lisieux

The Basilica of Lisieux is an essential step of your stay in Normandy, the basilica is one of the largest churches built in the 20th century, its nave is unique and the scenery is breathtaking. Lisieux is known all over the world thanks to Sainte Thérèse!

Benedictine Palace in Fécamp

 This incredible building houses the only liqueur distillery in the world, an exceptional museum of ancient art, a contemporary art space that hosts temporary exhibitions, a tea room. And icing on the cake, they offer you a tasting at the end of the visit!

Laser Impact

Laser Impact, the laser game in Lisieux. The players play in a covered space of 700 m²: the military base! Sound effects and other scenes will plunge you into the heart of the action!


HAPIK is an indoor leisure centre in Mondeville, near Caen, a playful and colourful rock-climbing room, really very fun! Enjoyment for the whole family!