Today, incredible ! I have just discovered, through Raphaël, that I could eat flowers of my garden (and his) ! Not all the flowers, of course, but the flower of comfrey, yes ! And me who thought it was just a weed …

It’s a fantastic how this little purple or white flower which shoot as much in the gardens as the edge of the road can embellish a salad !

Raph knows many things about plants, I like it! And he takes time to explain to you and to the travellers the benefits of the new find : for the comfrey, it seems that in addition of being edible, it has also pharmaceutical virtues : it probably can relieve muscle aches, ecchymoses or inflammatory !

So now we know everything about the flower of comfrey, we are not going to stop there, aren’t we ?… I heard about some comfrey leaf donuts.. Are we going to get started ? Especially for you, a little recipe-video : discover, appreciate and the most important, enjoy !